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Nice to meet you. My name is Tzahi Fadida, and I help Startups and Enterprises of any domain with cybersecurity strategy. While it is obvious you should make an effort to secure your products and company, it is not always clear where to begin, what to invest in right now, what to expect with enterprise customers’ requests and regulations. I can help assess risk, security culture, choosing platforms, secure coding, understanding cybercrime. I have been an entrepreneur, and I have an extensive background in cybersecurity custom authentications and authorizations, custom risk platforms,  custom rule engines, integrations, approvals, infrastructure, architecture, and more. Some of my logos are Bank Hapoalim, Broadcom (Previously CA Technologies), PlainId (a successful authorization company), and more.

Tzahi Fadida


I started in 2016 as a consulting agency for security products – Fortify 500 Ltd. In 2018 I developed the brand to AIFortify, emphasizing human-machine intelligence’s role in complementing cybersecurity automation. My experience with security products is extensive, starting my career in 2000 and worked with cybersecurity products from 2007.

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